Caspar Fröhlich (Diploma in Processwork)
Executive coach and management consultant. Facilitates offsite meetings for senior management teams and teaches about establishing high performance teams in international companies. The deeper self-understanding of the core purpose, mission and life myth of participants and the organisations plays thereby a pivotal role. Author of several books like „Manage your boss“, „Werkzeuge des Wandels: Die 30 wirksamsten Werkzeuge des Change Management“ and „Deep Democracy in der Organisationsentwicklung“.  Founder and organiser of the dd-days since 2011.



Lukas Hohler (Diploma in Processwork)
Founder and Managing Director of Program Developer of "Leaders Empowered", "Teachers Empowered" and "Youth Workers Empowered" - deep democracy based training programs and inhouse processes for organizations, designed to strengthen the personal competences and communication skills of the participants. Lukas Hohler works internationally as a consultant for individuals and organizations in change processes and trains Grundkraft Facilitators, to use the Grundkraft Programs and Processes in their work. He is also a teacher of Process Work and Worldwork/Deep Democracy, a multi-level approach to working with human beings, conflict, personal and organizational growth. 

Elke Schlehuber (Diploma in Processwork)
Management consultant, supervisor and coach – since 1998 working in the field of organizational-, team, personal- and leadership development. Elke holds degrees in Process Oriented Psychology as well as in German literature, history and economies. She is part of the processwork faculties in Switzerland, Russia and the Czech Republic. She gives seminars, supervision and individual sessions.

Edith Hauser
is a Yoga and Shiatsu Teacher and Practitioner and is co-owner of the yoga and meditation centre "Aus der Mitte Yoga & Zen Shiatsu GmbH" in Zurich. She creates body awareness workshops and body-oriented programs for seminars using elements of Movement practices like Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and Dance. With Caspar she hosts workshops and weekend seminars for personal growth.